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    Gravity Duck – 2

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    Gravity Duck 2 is a physics game with a precise control scheme and 40 stages which will provide for a unique and engaging physics gaming experience.

    In Gravity Duck 2, you are Gravity Duck, an avian adventurer who has been tasked with retrieving a series of Golden Eggs from throughout the city. Each cityscape level presents a new Golden Egg to obtain, and this is accomplished by moving your character with the arrow keys and simply walking over the egg, at which point the stage ends. The interesting component which makes this game fun is the ability to switch gravity from the floor to the ceiling. This is done to avoid obstacles and reach otherwise inaccessible areas. There is no jumping in this game, so to move over a hazard, the player must run forward, switch gravity at the right moment, and then float up the ceiling above the spikes.

    When teleporters, moving obstacles, and a variety of other components are added to the mix, Gravity Duck becomes a frenetic and precisely controlled game that can create intense frustration and triumph. Gravity Duck 2 is presented in a classic pixelated style which hearkens back both visually and in difficulty to the 8 bit games of yore. It’s character designs are well done, and the backgrounds adequately represent the new city setting of this Gravity Duck sequel.

    Physics games that rely on such precise timing and advanced maneuvers are almost completely reliant on a tight and intuitive control scheme. Gravity Duck 2 has a simple and easy to master set of controls that still allows for a lot of precision and mastery. The player only uses three keys, but there is still a learning curve to master levels and the specific combinations of movements need to obtain some of the trickier Golden Eggs.

    Mastering the controls isn’t the only engaging element of Gravity Duck 2. The player must also think about the path to solving a level. There are many moments where movements have to be planned out in advance in order to reach safe areas or grab the Golden Egg. None of the stages provide overly difficult brain teasers, but the puzzle element of some levels helps to keep the player interested and moving forward.

    Gravity Duck 2 is a fun physics game that continues to create unique experiences for the player throughout its 40 stages. Whereas many physics games become repetitive and boring, Gravity Duck 2 has a good enough balance of mastering both controls and puzzles to keep players engaged.


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